How To Be A GREAT Salesperson...By Monday Morning!

How To Be A GREAT Salesperson...By Monday Morning!

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For ALL Industries!  - Selected Top 10 "Must-Read" Book! - Perfect Holiday Gift!

- Over 50,000 Books Sold! - Jump Start Your Sales, Now!

  • Read The Reviews. Read The Table of Contents. If you are looking for ways to increase your sales, you have found THE BOOK you are looking for. Period!

After Reading This Book, You Will Discover:

  • How to Build a 'Burning Desire' Within Your Customers for Your Products and Services
  • How to Create Urgency: Reasons for Your Customers to Purchase Now!
  • Shorten Your Sales Cycle
  • Trial Close
  • Assumptive Close
  • Takeaway Close
  • Third-Party Close
  • Why Asking Open-Ended Questions is Such an Effective Strategy
  • The Importance of Enthusiasm and Benefits
  • How to Schedule Your Follow Up Calls/Meetings, So YOU Are in Control of Your Sale
  • How to Know When to Stop Selling, and Start Closing Your Sale
  • Plus, Much More