Unlock Bliss: A Memoir Of Getting Happier

Unlock Bliss: A Memoir Of Getting Happier

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Meet the master of the art of self-transformation!

Dr. Zeev Gilkis has experienced so many transformations in his life that he is a virtuoso in the art of change. In this inspiring memoir, Dr. Gilkis will take you on an extraordinary journey through the many stops in his rich and diverse career.

He went from being a “couch potato” geek, whose only workouts were playing chess and bridge, to becoming a surfer and triathlete, who competed in a triathlon, for the first time, at the age of 66! Not only that; after defeating advanced stage cancer he became a healthy and happy person.

He shares everything with you in this book, in a perfect balance of anecdotes, popular science, and true wisdom that will help you unlock new paths to happiness. Rise above the slump and experience life with a smile. Read and discover his secrets…